calixto oviedo on drums

Where timba meets jazz

Calixto Oviedo was born on October 14th 1955 in Havana

Calixto is one of the most important representatives of latin Jazz in the world of drumming.

Calixto Oviedo is a Latin Grammy nominated artist (2000 La Rumba del Siglo) and is endorsed
by DW Drums , LP ,Eduardo MontanoJ Sticks Drums, Aquarian Drums heads and Soultone Cymbals. .

Today after more than 40 years as a professional musician, he has had the opportunity to work and perform with a large number of internationally known musicians, such as:

Gonzalo Rubalcaba, Paquito D’Rivera, David Sanchez, Danilo Pérez, Arturo Sandoval, Luis Conte, Ray Barreto, Chucho Valdés,Giovanni Hidalgo, Willie Colón, Alfredo Rodriguez, Dave Valentin, Juan Pablo Torres, Emiliano Salvador, Chico Freeman, Orlando "Maraca" Valle, Tony Martinez, Tata Güines, José Luis "Changuito" Quintana, Miguel "Angá" Diaz, among others.

He has been part of important bands like: Afro Cuban All Stars (Band Leader Juan De Marcos Gonzalez) and Buena Vista Social Club( Havana Lounge Project)

Adalberto Y Su Son (Founder) Pacho Alonso Orquesta

In early 90's José Luis “El Tosco” Cortés, founded  NG La Banda, along with several other horn players, including José “El Greco” Crego from Calixto’s Acheré days, and  singers Issac Delgado and Tony Calá from Pachito Alonso and Ritmo Oriental, respectively.  Calixto joined NG and found himself on a tour through Europe and Japan that produced the live double album En cuerpo y alma. During this period NG la banda recorded many of their greatest songs including Santa Palabra, Èchale Limon, and El tragico.,

He resides today in LA. California and he is Teacher at Cal State Univeristy LA.


"Master Cuban Drummer Calixto Oviedo thoroughly demonstrates traditional and contemporary Cuban rhythms on drum set and timbales from danzón to timba! Recorded, transcribed and produced by Kevin Moore, ‘Beyond Salsa Percussion’ is authentic and easy to understand – a must for every drummer."

“El genial baterista cubano, Calixto Oviedo, demuestra los ritmos cubanos tradicionales y contemporáneos en la batería y el timbal – desde el danzón tradicional a la timba de ahora. Transcripción, grabación, y producción por Kevin Moore, ‘Beyond Salsa Percussion’ es auténtico y fácil de comprender … un método para todo baterista!”

Walfredo de los Reyes, Sr.

"Calixto Oviedo is the sole creator of the latest grooves in popular Cuban music, what we know as Timba, with the integration of timbales and drumset. Impeccable taste and technique, combined with his knowledge of AfroCuban rhythms, make Calixto a musician to follow. This book is a testimonial to all of that."

Horacio “El Negro” Hernández

"Calixto Oviedo is for me one of the biggest musicians to come off the island of Cuba in recent years. I have had the opportunity to play with Calixto many times and hope to continue playing with him in the future. I consider him to be a talented musician and a great person to know ."

Luis Conte

"Among Cuban drummers, Calixto Oviedo is the most innovative musician. I learned all about Cuban rhytms from him. Thank you Calixto!"

Akira Jimbo (Japan

“Calixto Oviedo es un gran músico que ha sabido asimilar, no sólo las influencias de los grandes bateristas afrocubanos de generaciones anteriores (Barreto, Del Monte, de los Reyes, etc.) sino también la de las luminarias del jazz y (Rich, Colaiuta), hasta crear su propio estilo y convertirse a su vez en una referencia obligada para las nuevas generaciones. Resulta, indiscutiblemente, uno de los creadores de los patrones rítmicos de la música cubana contemporanea, especialmente de los géneros asociados a la Timba.”

“Calixto Oviedo is a great musician who has been able to assimilate not only the influences of the great AfroCuban drummers of earlier generations (Barreto, Del Monte, de los Reyes, etc.) but also of the jazz masters (Rich, Colaiuta), creating his own style that has become, in and of itself, a standard for later generations. Calixto is indisputably one of the creators of the rhythmic patterns of contemporary Cuban music, especially in regard to timba and related genres.”

Juan de Marcos




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